Friday, 11 June 2010


Sade Adu's devotion to Lucifer is unshakable!

In this picture, we see her imitating the pose of Guillaume Geefs' Le génie du mal. Similar to this one where she is emulating Joseph Geefs' L'ange du mal. Here we see her modelling as Paul Bouré's Prometheus Bound.

And the "Wild Wild West" lyric in the song Soldier of Love seems out of context with the ostensible "battlefield of love" military theme.
How does the Wild West relate to the military? Something to do with the Civil War perhaps?

No - it is simply a triple repetition of the syllable W.
Anyone with an interest in gematria will know that (in the Hebrew alphabet) the letter W (Waw/Vav) has the value of 6.

If W equals 6, what does WWW equal?

The number of the beast itself!

The 6 theme is also continued in the video in most of her hand signals, and the image formed in the red smoke. Even when she's playing the CD in the car, it's track number 1 on CD number 6.

Soldier Of Love is about her allegiance to Lucifer, which she has expressed through Freemasonry. Many of the gestures/hand signals that she and the dancers make in the video can be found in this Freemasonry manual.

Lucifer is her muse. Most of her songs are dedicated to him. That is what Sade Adu is all about.

Chilling to think of children being conceived with her music playing in the background...